Food Menu

Starters & Small Plates


$7 Crostini Bruschetta

Basil and balsamic marinated tomatoes with toasted garlic crostinis


$8 Tapas Plate

Olive topenade, bruschetta, roasted garlic, and white bean hummus served with toasted garlic pita

pita hummus

$7 White Bean Hummus

Served with toasted garlic pita

Mini Quesadilla

$5 Mini Quesadilla

Shredded mozzarella & pepper jack, mushrooms & onions in a mini tortilla add: chicken $2 | Pork $2 | steak $3

$7 Crispy Calamari

Calamari rings & tentacles with garlic aioli and lemon

$10 Sliders

Angus: Certified angus beef, caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms & tillamook sharp cheddar
Meatloaf: Turkey meatloaf, marinara & smoked gouda
Pork: Pulled pork & slaw

Pork Nachos

$9 Nachos

Corn tortilla chips with cheddar & jack, black beans, chopped tomato, sliced jalapeño, roasted corn, sour cream, guacamole, and green onion
add: chicken $2 | BBQ Pork $2 | steak $3

Fried Pickles

$5 Fried Pickles

Served with ranch sauce

Soups & Salads

$5 / $9House Made Soups

Corn chowder with bacon, topped with croutons or soup of the day

$6 / $9Mixed Greens

Mixed greens, toasted hazelnuts, seasonal fruit and house balsamic vinaigrette

chop chop

$7 / $12Chop Chop

Romaine, chicken, salami, edamame, tomato, shredded mozzarella, green onion, basil & white balsamic vinaigrette

$5 / $8.5Caprese

Mixed greens & romaine with fresh mozzarella, roma tomato, and basil tossed in Italian dressing

$6 / $10Spinach & Strawberry

Baby spinach mixed with sliced strawberries and toasted almonds, tossed in honey balsamic dressing

$6 / $9Caesar

Romaine, basil garlic croutons, shaved parmesan cheese, tossed in classic caesar dressing
add chicken: $2

cobb salad

$7 / $11.5Cobb

Iceberg topped with hard boiled egg, bacon, chicken or prawns, chopped tomato & bleu cheese crumbles and sliced avocado, tossed in choice of dressing

$8 / $12Greek

Romaine, grilled chicken, cherry tomatoes, red onions, feta cheese, cucumbers & olives with a classic greek dressing

Grilled Shrimp & Citrus Salad

$7 / $11Grilled Shrimp & Citrus

Romaine & mixed greens, diced red onions, tiny diced jalapeño, grilled shrimp and cucumbers, in orange vinaigrette dressing

southwest chicken salad

$6 / $10Southwest Chicken

Romaine & mixed greens, grilled chicken, chopped pepper jack cheese, black and red beans, roasted corn, guacamole, pico de gallo, and tortilla chips

$7 / $12Chicken Sesame

Romaine, napa cabbage, carrots, green onions, cucumber, broccoli, and grilled chicken, topped with fried thai noodles, toasted almonds, and pickled ginger, with sesame & rice wine vinaigrette

$7.5 / $13Steak Salad

Romaine, black bean salsa, pico de gallo, tossed in chili vinaigrette and topped with sirloin steak


Chicken Club

$10 Chicken Club

Grilled chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato, with lemon garlic aioli, served on an Italian baguette


$10 BLTA

Bacon, lettuce, tomato, and avocado with chipotle mayo, served on an Italian baguette

Grilled Chicken & Brie

$12 Chicken & Brie

Grilled chicken, brie, sweet onion jam, lemon thyme aioli, and au jus on an Italian baguette

pulled pork

$12 BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

8 oz shredded pork, Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce & cole slaw on an Italian baguette

Blackened Mahi Mahi Sandwich

$12.5 Blackened Mahi Mahi

7 oz blackened mahi mahi, lettuce, tomato, and cajun remolade on an artisan bun


$10 Rueben

7 oz home cooked corned beef, sauerkraut, thousand island, on rye

$8 Gourmet Grilled Cheese

Fresh mozzarella and brown sugar pepper bacon on artisan focaccia bread

Gourmet Burgers

$9 Classic Cheeseburger

1/3 lb. hand formed patty, cheddar cheese, lettuce & tomato, on an artisan bun

BBQ Cheddar Burger

$10 BBQ Cheddar Bacon Burger

1/3 lb ground beef, cheddar, brown sugar pepper bacon, lettuce, and tomato, on an artisan bun

Teriyaki Chicken Burger

$10 Teriyaki Chicken Burger

7 oz chicken breast brushed with teriyaki sauce, swiss cheese, grilled pineapple slices, lettuce, tomato, on an italian baguette

Turkey Burger

$10 Greek Turkey Burger

Ground turkey mixed with feta, garlic, italian parsley, lettuce, tomato, and aioli, on a ciabatta bun

$10 Red Bean Burger

Hand formed red bean patty, avocado, and aioli, on an artisan bun, served with sweet potato fries

The Better Than Sex Burger

$12 The Better Than Sex Burger

Hand formed patty stuffed and topped with your choice of bleu or brie cheese, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato, and aioli on an artisan bun

$12 50/50 Burger

1/4 lb ground beef, 1/4 lb bacon in a hand formed patty, choice of cheese, lettuce & tomato on an artisan bun

Lamb Burger

$12 Lamb Burger

Ground lamb, hummus, sharp white cheddar, tomato, on an artisan bun

314 Burger

$13 314 Burger

The grill classic; 1/2 lb. grilled angus beef, bacon, sautéed mushrooms, sweet onion jam, choice of cheese, aioli, on an artisan bun


Caprese Flatbread

$8 Caprese Flatbread

Fresh roma tomato, mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil & basil on our signature flatbread

When Pigs Fly Flatbread

$10 When Pigs Fly Flatbread

Shredded mozzarella, brown sugar pepper bacon, smoked pork loin, marinara sauce and fennel sausage on our signature flatbread

BBQ Pork Flatbread

$11 BBQ Pork Flatbread

Shredded pork, Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce & cole slaw on our signature flatbread

$12 Steak Flatbread

Sirloin steak, crumbled bleu cheese, balsamic onions, chopped tomatoes and steak sauce on our signature flatbread


$20 Filet Mignon

Two filet mignon medallions topped with sauteed spinach and béarnaise sauce, served with garlic mash and seasonal vegetables

$18 Bone In Rib-Eye Steak

10 oz rib-eye with garlic mash, green beans and roasted baby carrots

$17 Flat Iron Steak

9 oz flat iron steak with balsamic reduction, garlic mash, grilled asparagus and taro root

Sirloin Capitalino

$15 Sirloin Capitalino

7 oz sirloin with 3 corn tortillas, mexican blend cheese, capitalino sauce, garlic mash, and green onion

surf n turf

$15 Surf & Turf

8 oz NY steak with 4 breaded prawns, herbed rice, and seasonal vegetables, served with steak sauce and lemon butter


Tamarind Salmon

$18 Tamarind Salmon

8 oz salmon steak with balsamic glazed onions, sweet mash, fresh green beans, topped with house made tamarind sauce

lobster mac

$14 Lobster Macaroni

Lobster claw meat, penne pasta, smoked gouda and fontina cheese, parmesan bread crumbs & truffle oil

$14 Buttermilk Fried Chicken

Boneless chicken smothered in country gravy, roasted garlic whipped potatoes and seasonal vegetables


$14 Oven Roasted Chicken

1/2 chicken, with roasted garlic mash, and seasonal vegetables


$13 Mussels & Ciabatta

Mussels, and chopped tomato in herbed butter with garlic, lemon, and chili powder, served with ciabatta crostini

$13 Low-Fat Turkey Meatloaf

Ground turkey, braised greens, and seasonal vegetables


$12 Quesadilla

Grilled chicken, sun-dried tomato, roasted red pepper, spinach, mozzarella, flour tortilla, guacamole

$12 Steak Pasta

Penne pasta in cream sauce with mushrooms, caramelized onion, topped with 6 oz sirloin steak and bleu cheese

prawn fett

$12 Prawn Fettucini

Fettucini in cream sauce with mushrooms, caramelized onion, topped with chopped thyme and prawns

$12 Butternut Squash Ravioli

Butternut squash ravioli in garlic white wine sauce, with pinenuts and parmesan cheese in a balsamic reduction

garlic gnocchi

$12 Garlic Prawn Gnocchi

Prawns, gnocchi, mushrooms, and broccoli in cream sauce, topped with parmesan cheese and Italian parsley

Chicken Mole Enchiladas

$12 Chicken Mole Enchiladas

Three pulled chicken & corn filled tortillas, house made mole sauce, refried black beans, spanish rice crumbled feta, and green onions

$12 Mahi Mahi Tacos

Blackened mahi with napa cabbage, topped with pineapple cilantro salsa served with ginger rice and refried black beans

$12 Fish ‘N Chips

Hand breaded cod with homemade tartar sauce and steak fries

grilled mahi mahi

$11 Grilled Mahi Mahi

Blackened Mahi Mahi served over a roasted corn, black beans and greens salad with cilantro & avocado

BBQ Pork Carnitas

$10 BBQ Pulled Pork Carnitas

Slow smoked pulled pork, Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce, napa cabbage and pico de gallo in 3 flour tortillas, served with black beans on a mixed greens salad

Breakfast All Day

$9 Biscuits & Gravy

Two biscuits topped with sausage gravy, served with two eggs

$10 Chicken Fried Chicken

Served with two eggs, hash browns, and sausage gravy

Honey Ham Scramble

$10 Honey Ham Scramble

Scrambled eggs with diced ham, cheddar & jack cheese, served with hash browns & country wheat toast

$11 Meat Lover’s Scramble

Scrambled eggs with honey smoked ham, pepper bacon, fennel sausage, cheddar & jack cheese, served with hash browns & country wheat toast

Broadway Benedicts

$12 Broadway Benedict

Toasted english muffin, canadian bacon, two poached eggs, hollandaise, and hash browns

Southwest Burrito

$12 Southwest Burrito

Scrambled eggs, black beans, ranchero salsa, cheddar & jack cheese with hash browns and a side of spiked sour cream
add: bacon $1 | chicken $2 | guacamole $1.5



$6 NY Style Cheesecake

served with strawberry sauce

Lemon Italian Creme Cake

$6 Italian Lemon Creme Cake

served with caramel sauce

Quadruple Chocolate Mousse Divine

$6 Quadruple Chocolate Mousse Divine

Served with chocolate sauce.