About Us

What we do is combine two things that the people of Seattle love, which is sewer repair and grilling. For years we have served the area as the best sewer repair company in Seattle before realizing that we had more to offer than just sewer repair. We use the latest in trenchless sewer repair combined with something more, product reviews for indoor grilling.

We combined the two after noticing that a lot of the sewer work dealt with crumbling infrastructure and people that were sort of ignoring the problem. They were just going about their merry way grilling, and we thought that we could give them advice on that aspect of their life as well as fixing their sewer.

The best of both worlds

If you need your sewer repaired call us today, if you do not, come here for the best in online indoor grill reviews that will keep you going throughout the year. We promise that our level of service is unlike any other in the state and we will continue to work on what it takes to become Seattle’s best sewer repair and indoor grill reviewer. Whether you are just now entering the city or a long time resident, ask about us and learn about the best in the business.